Jurnal Statement : Media Informasi Sosial dan Pendidikan https://jurnal.pmpp.or.id/index.php/statement Jurnal Statement PMPP Lembaga Penelitian dan Studi Kebijakan en-US Jurnal Statement : Media Informasi Sosial dan Pendidikan 2089-2640 MODEL PEMBELAJARAN TOLERANSI PADA MATA PELAJARAN PENDIDIKAN AGAMA ISLAM DI SMK NEGERI 35 JAKARTA https://jurnal.pmpp.or.id/index.php/statement/article/view/323 <p><em>This research aims to determine the Model of Teaching Tolerance in Islamic Religious Education Subjects at SMK 35 Jakarta which includes Learning Models, Tolerance, Islamic Religious Education Subjects, Learning Models, Types of Tolerance, What is the Meaning of Islamic Religious Education. Through research using qualitative methods, with a case study design approach. To explore data using observation, interviews and documentation. Next, the results of these techniques are selected according to the research focus. The results found in this research are a form of application of the Tolerance Cultivation Model in Islamic Religious Education Subjects at SMK 35 Jakarta. It is absolutely mandatory to implement tolerance at SMK 35 Jakarta, because material about tolerance is discussed in Islamic religious subjects. The model of developing tolerance in Islamic Religious Education subjects is an approach that aims to shape the character of students who are able to appreciate, respect and practice tolerance between religious communities. This model was developed with the aim of strengthening understanding of religious tolerance in the Islamic context. In this model, the learning approach used is to study Islamic principles which are the basis for tolerance. Students will learn the teachings of the Islamic religion which upholds love, mutual respect and respect for differences in the school. The method used in this model is a combination of students, teacher educators, and independent research. The expected result of this model is that students have a better understanding of the values of tolerance in the Islamic religion. They are expected to be able to apply and carry out the principles of tolerance in their daily lives, both within the school environment and in the wider community. Apart from that, this model is also expected to increase students' understanding and positive attitudes towards people of other religions, thereby creating an atmosphere of harmony and harmony in religious life in society</em></p> Akhmad Muzaeni Susanto Susanto Agus Agus Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-06 2024-05-06 14 1 1 13 IMPLEMENTASI KURIKULUM MERDEKA DALAM MENJAGA MUTU PEMBELAJARAN DI SDIT SAID NA’UM JAKARTA https://jurnal.pmpp.or.id/index.php/statement/article/view/324 <p><em>The conclusion of this research is that The implementation of the independent curriculum at SDIT Said Na'um Jakarta is actually at a good stage in its implementation, but it is not yet fully in accordance with the concept of the actual independent curriculum. SDIT Said Na'um is still adapting in implementing this independent curriculum so that the results of the students' understanding at SDIT Said Na'um Jakarta has decreased slightly due to the lack of professional teachers in applying or applying this independent learning curriculum in teaching and learning activities in the classroom. However, with the evaluation of last year's learning, SDIT Said Na'um Jakarta teachers and the school principal and deputy head of curriculum will always try to improve the professionalism of the educators</em></p> Sari Sartika Lubis Ahmad Zain Sarnoto Syamsul Bahri Tanrere Copyright (c) 2024 2024-03-13 2024-03-13 14 1 14 22 MOTIVASI BELAJAR SISWA DALAM PENINGKATAN KETERAMPILAN MEMBACA AL-QUR’AN PESERTA DIDIK MAN I TIDORE https://jurnal.pmpp.or.id/index.php/statement/article/view/326 <p><em>This research aims to describe improving the Al-Qur'an reading skills of MAN 1 Tidore students through student learning motivation. This research uses a survey method with interviews, observation and documentation. The results of this research show that the Al-Qur'an reading skills of students at MAN 1 Tidore that a person must master when learning the Al-Qur'an include: tartil, recitations and fluent qiro'at. So the process of learning to read and write the Qur'an is related to reading skills by presenting several levels or possession of adequate mastery of tajwid knowledge, in terms of makhorijul letters, shifatul letters, ahkamul letters, ahkamul mad wal qasr, ahkamul waqaf wal ibtida. The general situation/picture regarding student learning motivation at MAN I Tidore has improved with the implementation of collaboration between student guardians, class teachers, teaching teachers through tutoring services planned by teaching teachers as student supervisors at MAN 1 Tidore. With this form of tutoring service, students are given knowledge, coached and guided to become knowledgeable students with morals. Efforts to improve Al-Qur'an reading skills through learning motivation at MAN 1 Tidore, namely through habituation, giving grades or prizes, communication carried out on both sides, between the ustadz and parents, and providing guidance</em></p> Misbahul Muhaajirah Akhmad Shunhaji Abd Muid Nawawi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-07-05 2024-07-05 14 1 23 37